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Play Your Part

Music for Relief (now re-launched as Defy Disaster) is a nonprofit dedicated to responding to natural disasters. As part of an awareness and fundraising campaign, YYES came up with the tagline “Play Your Part” as a nod to the foundation’s entertainment roots. We designed a "pre-disaster" layout and a "post-disaster" layout, encouraging donations and community participation. The colors work with the logo and represented the urgency of the topic. The campaign was designed to be flexible for size and medium. It manifested as print ads, digital ads, and large formats such as bus shelters and billboards.

Creative direction: YYES




Layout Design


Print Production

tear post 1-100.jpg
tear post 2-100.jpg
tear pre 3-100.jpg
tear pre 2-100.jpg
Magazine Mockup.jpg
Billboard Mockup.jpg
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