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"Sometimes you have to do it yourself to do it right." - Museum of Natural History

"Make something terrible something great."

- Pentagram

"Be deliberate, not excessive."

- Maharam

"If you have an idea, believe in it."

- Nickelodeon

"Small talk takes practice and skill."


"Persue the things you are good at."

- Ogilvy and Mather

"Don't be afraid to work outside the box."

- Nickelodeon

"Don't let passions fall to the wayside."


New York Design Tour

A series of 8 posters visualizing the advice I received on a trip to New York to visit different design studios in my last semester at USC. This project was a great experiment in materiality, as each one was made with different materials relating to the quote, often on a large scale. Meant to be printed small scale and displayed, these mini posters serve as daily reminders of good design (and life) principles.

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